jeudi 6 octobre 2016

Objects lie on a table.

Travail à propos d'une pièce de Gertrude Stein "Objects lie on a table. A play", de 1932.
(avec l'aide de Matisse et de Daniel Spoerri) :

 D'abord, des extraits du texte déployés sur trois murs de l'atelier (technique mixte sur papiers, environ 10 mètres)

Ensuite, une transposition avec des portraits d'objets de l'atelier, des objets utiles, fidèles, travailleurs et ayant  une certaine personnalité, posés sur des tables de peintures ("Utopiques des plaques", avec Anne Catoire, 2007) : la peinture debout sur la table.

Extraits de "Objects lie on a table. A play" de Gertrude Stein, lus par Cécile Leterme, avec une création sonore de Martin Leterme

Objects lie on a table. We live beside them and look at them and then they are on the table then.
Objects on a table and the explanation.

The objects on the table     have been equal to the occasion.
We can decorate walls with pots and pans and flowers.
I question the flowers.
And bananas.
Cardboard colored as bananas are colored.
And cabbages.

So thank everyone and let us begin faintly.

As to houses certainly houses have not the same restfulness as     objects on the table which mean to us an arrangement.

Do you please when you please.
Combining everything with everything.

I find that milk salt flour and apples  and the pleasant perspective places of each one      in the picture make a picture.

What do you know about fields and table cloths.
Objects are on the table when I am here. And when you are not there. Let me explain this to you. About ten pages.

he said that he respected the expression of opinion and she said, I believe in looking facts in the face.

And then they said they greatly appreciate the painting of houses
and objects on a table.
Come up out of there is very well said when the instinct which has lead to the introduction of words music     not pictures and music not pictures and words     not pictures and music and words, not pictures not music not words

We will now consider an ancient quadrille we will.
Ladies change.
How can you neglect admissions.
Come again.
Forward and back.
Look right and not left.
And lend a hand.
The lend a hand society.

He says he invents nothing and then I say do not invent a table-cloth today do not let the table table that you invented stay.

What is the difference between houses and a table.
What is the difference between objects on a table and furniture in houses.
Had you ever thought of that. Objects on a table     make a standpoint of recompense and result, furniture in houses do decide matters.

I like the noise I do not like the noise.

How can you cut a fish.

Objects have been recognized as a knife a pot a pan a cover a ladle carrots apples and a salt cellar. These all have been     recognized which really is not so astonishing as his aunt is a farmer and cultivates her own ground and has cows and sheeps    and a sheep dog.

You can see that it is not astonishing that the objects are easily recognized.
They are a chair a table     tea cup tea pot a pot a ladle a bottle a pan a cover carrots salt cellar with salt in it apples and a pitcher.

He will say objects are today recognized as something with which  to play.
And we will reply this is not why we like them here but the real reason is that we have not displaced them for a violin simply because of this reasoning.
We have displaced them because we have replaced them.
Thank you so very much for this explanation.

How lovelily the wall how lovelily all the wall and we do not necessarily hesitate he did not, he found it thin. The wall is thick     and not heavy and has a support and when you look at it again they have not changed anything and yet it is to be painted red and lemon yellow and pretty soon every ten years they will again oblige every one to do something, to paint the houses and arrange a wall which is crumbling.

Objects on a table are hazardous.
Imitate a cheese if you please. We are     very well pleased
with gold coin and ribbons. Imitate a cheese very well if you please, and readily reflect how can you be credulous of more than the assumption of imitating ham. We were not pleased with the imitation of the lamb.
I have a special taste in feeling. I can feel very well. I can feel that some resemblances the resemblance between a sausage made of sugar and a sausage made of meat is not great as the resemblance between an object made of almonds and an object made of wood. How often do we see what we have not readily recognized. I readily recognized the object that has the most perfect quality of imitation.

Objects on a table are all there and I do not care to say that they have been studied. Study again and again and leave me to my wishes I wish that they could copy     all of it as well as they do copy it. No one can say yes again. Have I forgotten that fruits do not remember flowers, that flowers contain what they contain
and that together with fruit

So we consider flowers masculine.
We have not mentioned the ressemblance between trees and streets and all of that things that have not been constructed.

Do we suppose that a rose is a rose do we suppose that all she knows is that a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose. He knows and she knows that a rose is a rose and when she can make a song as to which can belong as to what can belong to a song.
Now let us pray that a table that a table may very well stay, that a table may that a table very well may stay to be settled for in that way. And when the objects may be disposed in this way
upon the table upon which they will not permanently be put away. 
We had a wish and the wish was that when rose colored ribbons and no roses because of course after all roses are supposed to be  of the color of the imitation trees. How can you imitate trees so prettily.
I find I have changed my meaning. I find I have changed my meaning in changing my meaning from the meaning I had to this meaning.